Oil Floorcloth / Nordic Snowflake Design / 2' x 3'

Oil Floorcloth / Nordic Snowflake Design / 2' x 3'

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This one-off design is an artist's rendition of the Nordic style snowflake.

Our floorcloths are made of a heavy duty, yet pliable canvas... primed, stitched, primed again, hand painted with original designs, sealed, sealed, and sealed again. Roughly 10 - 15 fully cured coats of clear sealant is applied to protect the design and ensure your ability to walk on it without remorse! The outcome? A one of a kind floorcloth for you to use anywhere in the home or office.

Use it as a small accent rug, or visual addition to any room. For it's own safety, keep away from high heat or extreme moisture. It is coated in a waterproof and UV proof sealant, so it's safe for anywhere from the bedroom to the bathroom, maybe just not by the tub! Would make a lovely addition to a third season porch or entryway! Suggested use for indoor areas.

  • 100% made in the USA, from the canvas to the paint to the stitching.
  • Hand painted here in Maine.
  • Measures 2 feet by 3 feet with hemmed and sealed edges.
  • A little mild soap and water does the trick with most dirt. If it scuffs from sneakers or something you can use a little coconut oil or a goo-gone type product with a very gentle abrasive touch. 
  • Oil poly finish for a vintage look. 
  • Since floorcloths are non porous, they are ideal for areas where allergies may occur because it won't hold on to any dirt or debris. 
  • Included is a non-slip rug pad for any floor type, including over carpeted floors. The pad is cut to size and 100% made in the USA. 
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