Zero VOC Floorcloth / Native American Wind Design / 2' x 3'

Zero VOC Floorcloth / Native American Wind Design / 2' x 3'

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Hand painted & designed with one of the four elements in mind, the wind. This one-off design is an artist's rendition of the Native American wind & shaman's eye symbols together.

The diamond represents the wind in Native American history. With a similar diamond shape the Shaman's eye represents the ability to be wise and watchful. According to legend, the wind is a living force & a power that is capable of communicating a larger-than-life language to those who would hear it. Those who were certifiably authorized to interpret these cosmic messages were shamans, medicine men, and the wise and spiritual leaders among tribes. It only seemed natural to combine the two ideals into one design.

Our floorcloths are made of a heavy duty, yet pliable canvas... primed, stitched, primed again, hand painted with original designs, sealed, sealed, and sealed again. Roughly 10 - 15 fully cured coats of clear sealant is applied to protect the design and ensure your ability to walk on it without remorse! The outcome? A one of a kind floorcloth for you to use anywhere in the home or office.

Use it as a small accent rug, or visual addition to any room. For it's own safety, keep away from high heat or extreme moisture. It is coated in a zero VOC, waterproof and UV proof sealant, so it's safe for anywhere from the bedroom to the bathroom, maybe just not by the tub! Would make a lovely addition to a third season porch or entryway! Suggested use for indoor areas.

  • 100% made in the USA, from the canvas to the paint to the stitching.
  • Hand painted here in Maine.
  • Measures 2 feet by 3 feet with hemmed and sealed edges.
  • A little mild soap and water does the trick with most dirt. If it scuffs from sneakers or something you can use a little coconut oil or a goo-gone type product with a very gentle abrasive touch. 
  • Zero VOC sealant is pet, human & ozone friendly, with no odors. Would make a great feeding mat for pets or as a centerpiece on your table!
  • Since floorcloths are non porous, they are ideal for areas where allergies may occur because it won't hold on to any dirt or debris. 
  • Included is a non-slip rug pad for any floor type, including over carpeted floors. The pad is cut to size and 100% made in the USA. 
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