Golden Goddess Sequin Gown

Golden Goddess Sequin Gown


This one-off, original design dress is truly the meaning of fun! It is a one of a kind design by designer & seamstress, Katrina Kelley.

The 'bones' of the dress are from a reclaimed, white, tea length, satin and tulle wedding dress with boning in the bust, zip up back and a sweetheart neckline. I broke the dress down to the basics and rebuilt it from there.

This is an off the rack dress, meaning the one and only in this size and style. It is a women's size eight / medium. The inside has hand stitched darts that pull it in a bit tighter around the rib cage. Those darts are hand stitched so that they are secure, but easy to remove to be let out a bit to your desired fit.

A dress similar to this could be made as far as the design, however the bodice cannot be reproduced. There are many other options for bodice materials. This bodice is a white cotton on the interior and a coppery gold sequin fabric on the exterior. The sequin fabric is fitted to the bodice, with front darts so that it lays flat and collects the lights to shimmer and shine! The dress does have a built in bra of sorts with the boning in the chest and rib area. I would venture to guess it is about a C or D cup. The original dress fit my model perfectly everywhere but the bust, where it was a little loose, and she is a B cup. When I say loose, I don't mean baggy... the boning and thickness of the bodice helps it 'stand on its own' , if you will. I'm sure the right strapless bra would make it perfect!

The skirt length has been taken up to a knee length fall. I honestly lost count of how many layers of tulle I sewed into this skirt! It is layers upon layers of gold, champagne, and white tulle. Mid way through the tulle is a solid white layer of fabric so that it is not see through.

All modeled photography courtesy of A.G. Photo Design

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