For the slow fashion & sustainable home.

Small batch provisions for the sustainable home and all of it's moments. Inspired by the nature & the sea, Created on the Midcoast of Maine.

At Amphitrite Studio, we care deeply about the quality of our fabrics. We pick and choose to provide you with fibers that are sustainable, ethically crafted, and good for your body & skin. We pride ourselves in the softest, most natural fabrics that will make you 'Ooh & Ahh'.

We are known for our simplicity, comfort & sustainability in clothing... and now we offer you goods for your home!

Starting with linen pillowcases and moving into more items, including full bed linens, throw blankets, curtains and more.

We have also partnered with SoulShine Soap Company of DownEast Maine to offer you the best in laundry and skin care. Their Laundry Powder is all we use on our fabrics here at the Studio. Over the next few months we will be introducing more of their fabulous, Maine made items.



Small batch clothing for every season.

Here in Maine, we are taught at a young age to appreciate layering clothing. From long tanks mixed with classy crop tees, to leggings paired with a slip on skirt, we have got you covered.

The fabrics we use travel wonderfully, so go ahead... roll it up and put it in your bag to put on later! Always be prepared for whatever weather or occasion falls in front of you. 



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K.J.K. Dress Designs

For a wedding, for a party, or just for a dinner out! Custom, one-off, original design & reclaimed vintage dresses, gowns, skirts, separates and accessories. 100% stitched by Seamstress Katrina Jo Kelley. 



Women's Clothing Line


Simple designs combined with all natural & sustainable fabrics that prove to stand the test of trends & time, at an honest price. Made with comfort, style & nature in mind. We make clothing made for life.

Our fabrics are ethically sourced and come from reputable suppliers. Our business is run in the most sustainable way possible, and our clothing is created in small batches to ensure quality craftsmanship. 



Men's Clothing Line

Black Bamboo & Organic Cotton blend Semi-fitted Tee shirts, Army Green Bamboo & Merino blend Semi-fitted Tee shirts, A line of reconstructed one-off hand patched 'well-aged' work pants, and select eclectic vintage garments.