Organic Linen Pillowcase / Black

Organic Linen Pillowcase / Black

  • Snug fit pillowcase made specifically not to become loose and baggy, falling off your pillow at night.
  • Organic & unbleached fabric is the best you can give your skin, and breathing, at night.
  • We spend 7-9 hours in bed, rubbing our faces against our pillowcases... shouldn't that fabric be as pure as possible?
  • Super soft, Jet Black, 100% flax linen from Lithuania, Ethically sourced.
  • Light to Medium weight allowing structure yet still soft and flowing.
  • Raw Edge styling with fingernail moon stitching to close hem.
  • Made in Midcoast Maine.

In stock: Standard 19" x 28" / ships next day.


Care instructions;

Pre-shrunk in hot water with a hot dry. Wash in cold water and tumble dry on low or medium heat for best fabric longevity. Can be ironed hot & steamy for a crisp look, but has a very nice soft finish when unironed as well. 


We highly suggest using SoulShine Soap Company's Lavender laundry powder, it's what we use here and it is just as pure as the fabric & heavenly to sleep on!

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