Linen & Room Refresher Spray / 16 oz Glass Bottle & Refills

Linen & Room Refresher Spray / 16 oz Glass Bottle & Refills

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  • Made in small batches right here in the Studio with Maine spring water, a touch of organic spirits, oil essences of lavender, lemongrass and tea tree oil.

  • The touches of the three essential oil invigorate and relax the senses all at once.

  • With an uplifting and fresh scent that will fill the room, while staying light and airy like sweet springtime flowers in an open window.

  • Available in a 16 oz cobalt blue glass bottle (comes with sprayer, detached) or 2 oz refill size (just shake well, pour it into your spray bottle and mix 12 oz’s of spring water!)

  • Refill the bottle with your own spray or use it for water for your plants, you could even put the sprayer in a drawer and use it as a vase!

  • Use it on your couch to refresh it, or in your closet on your clothing, or in your car to release a calm and focused air.

  • Limited quantities in this batch, so grab yours today!

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