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Goods Made for Life

Natural, versatile & timeless clothing & home goods

Independently designed & Quality crafted in Newcastle, Maine

44°2'4.6"N 69°34'10.6"W


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Quality made, indie designed, small batch clothing for the slow fashion wardrobe.

Essentials and long lasting designs made to stand the test of time and trends.

Items you’ll want to keep in your wardrobe for years to come.

All clothing is 100% designed and made in our Studio in Midcoast Maine.


Goods for a SUSTAINABLe life

Small batch provisions made for the sustainable home, and all of it's moments.

In a world where we are overwhelmed by products made to break down, wear out or go out style, we aim to go against that trend. 

We believe many things in life get better with time; it is that spirit we try to put into everything we create.

Designs, colors and fabrics inspired by mother nature. All goods created on the Midcoast of Maine.

Made to stand the test of time and lifestyle.