Bamboo Terry Robe

Bamboo Terry Robe


Enjoy an introductory deal on this robe while we work through the first small batch!

These amazing robes, which will normally run at $150, are being introduced to the public at a special $98 deal! We made this first batch and subsequently realized we needed to make it better. So we will be adding pockets, tie holds on the sides, as well as tweaking to the perfect length for the next batch coming soon!

This bamboo terry is amazingly soft and luxurious to the touch, and highly absorbent as well. Natural, undyed and unbleached, it’s the only thing you’ll want touching your skin.

Nevermind slipping it on first thing in the morning after a hot shower to drink your coffee in or at the beach/pool as a cover up, you’ll want to be wearing this robe all the time. Soft as silk and a medium weight, it’s not so light that you feel like you have nothing on but not so heavy you feel weighed down by your robe! You’ll never want to step out of the shower and into anything else again. These incredibly soft fibers are the best thing for your skin to reduce friction, no need to be rough on yourself!

  • Certified organic OEKO-Tex 100 Standard

  • Soft, absorbent, and lots of volume 

  • Small batch crafted.

  • One size fits all. The fabric around the bust measures 74” and the bottom measures 90”. Plenty to cover your curves and wrap yourself up in!

  • The special curved design of the neck line helps keep it in place, even when untied.

  • ‘Kimono’ inspired design.

  • Robe tie is 100” long and unattached for maximum adjustability.

Benefits of bamboo: 

  • Highly absorbent, “wicks” moisture away from the skin.

  • Antibacterial, even through multiple washings due to the bacteriostatic agent called “bamboo kun”.

  • The round fiber is ideal for skin allergies, sensitivities or eczema.

  • Preshrunk in hot water.

Care; Go ahead and wash & dry how you want! Rinse and treat stains right away for a crisp white. Cold wash and low heat dry is always best for fabric longevity, but if it needs a good warm wash or a fast hot dry, it’s okay just not together.

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