Reconstructed Carhartt Denim / Relaxed Fit

Reconstructed Carhartt Denim / Relaxed Fit

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  1. The first step of the process is for the Carhartt pants to be worn & broken in for multiple years. 
  2. Then, they are donated to the Amphitrite Studio collection to be deconstructed, reclaimed, reused, recycled,  reconstructed and polished up.
  3. After that, we meticulously clean, wash & prep them before alterations. Making sure no paint is peeling off and seeking out any holes. 
  4. Once clean, we reinforce the stitches that are loose and patch up all unwanted holes. The machine is used for seam reinforcing. Everything else we do to the pants is hand stitched.
  5. Then a final wash & iron, tagged, priced and hung ...awaiting their new home.

The pair you see photographed is the pair you will receive.

  • Relaxed Fit Blue Denim
  • Color is a faded & broken in blue denim.
  • These denim have broken in knees with natural tears.
  • All tears in seams and 'noticeable' areas are sewn closed and patched either over or under, and reinforced.

Washing Instructions;  As a delicate, either by hand or in a machine washer on low/cold and inside out. Lay flat/hang to dry, can be put in dryer after dry on low heat to avoid shrinkage. Patches can be ironed for a crisp look. 

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