Blue Pinstripe Linen Robe / Small Batch Limited Edition

Blue Pinstripe Linen Robe / Small Batch Limited Edition


Whether you are slipping it on first thing in the morning, after a hot shower, to drink your coffee in, or at the beach/pool as a cover up… Soft as silk and light weight, you’ll never want to take it off. This Linen robe is the perfect natural fiber option to keep you climate controlled and happy as can be!

  • Hand crafted & fine tuned in small batches.

  • 100% lightweight linen, luxurious and cooling!

  • One size fits all, plenty to cover your any of your curves and wrap yourself up in!

  • The special design of the neck line helps keep it in place, even when untied.

  • The wide, loose sleeves are ‘finished’ off with selvage edges adding a splash of color.

  • ‘Kimono’ inspired design has wide loose arms and added width towards the bottom.

  • Measures roughly 32” in length to hit the thigh / upper knee area.

  • Robe tie is long with the added selvage edge detailing and has tie loops at the side seams.

Care; For best fabric longevity wash in gentle cold water and tumble dry on low heat or hang dry. These have a very soft ‘finish’ to them, making it unnecessary to iron , however if you desire a crisp clean look you can use a hot iron.

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