Men's Tee / Limited Edition / Green bamboo merino jersey

Men's Tee / Limited Edition / Green bamboo merino jersey

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A basic army green bamboo / merino wool blend jersey semi-fitted tee. 

  • Made with a slightly fitted design and a soft bamboo/merino blend.
  • With added bonuses like odor resistance & fiber memory, it won't be stinky & it won't stretch out over time!
  • The fabric also has amazing temperature & antibacterial properties for those working country-men, and has a simple look and semi-fitted design for those city-men out on the town.
  • Triple reinforced seams to help prevent blowing out the stitches.

"My focus is on a practical & natural option for men to wear comfortably and feel good about what they're wearing."

"I watch my husband put on his white Hanes T-shirt every day and I hear stitches ripping and see bleached processed fabric. I want him to be able to treat his skin and body like I do when I wear bamboo clothing and be proud of what he is wearing. So, with him in mind… A rugged Maine man with good style… I created this T-shirt. 

I've spent a year perfecting this shirt for fit, design and the right stitching, and I've gone through 6 different prototypes, with my amazing husband being my tester and male model. I want this to be the tee that every and any kind of guy can wear for whatever occasion they need, any time of year." - Seamstress, Katrina Kelley

  • 80% Bamboo, 20 % Merino wool.
  • Imported fibers, Maine made & designed.
  • This item is in stock in Small, Medium, & Large.
  • Limited quantities & sizes.

Washing Instructions;  Okay Guys... Go ahead & toss it in the washing machine, but always with cold water. If you can bring yourself to set it on gentle or delicate, do it.  You can dry it on low heat setting in the dryer if you must, but it's better to hang or lay flat. If you dry it on full blast in the dryer, you will most likely get shrinkage in the body & sleeves. Use a warm iron for a crisp look, if you have one.

Sizing; See the chart in the photos.


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Why use a blend with Merino wool?

  • Wool fibers do such a good job of moving moisture away from the skin that even if the fabric is soaking wet the surface area of your skin will remain dry. Merino can absorb up to 30% of their dry weight before feeling wet. 
  • Because of wool’s ability to effectively manage moisture, odor-causing bacteria doesn’t have the moist environment it needs to thrive.
  • You can wear wool during intense activity and over extended periods of time without having to worry about odor.
  • We wear it in the Winter because it is warm... wool has a natural crimp to it that helps it trap more dead air which is an insulator and provides a great buffer against the cold. 
  • But, did you know it's also awesome in the Summer? Because wool has the ability to store moisture within the structure of the fiber, as your body warms up, the moisture stored within the fiber will begin to evaporate, cooling the air between your skin and the fabric. The warmer you get the more evaporation takes place and the larger the cooling effect
  • Wool is infamous for being an itchy fabric. Merino wool however, is a different story... It is more flexible and softly bends when pressed against the skin and, therefore, doesn’t itch like other wools.
  • These finer fibers also enhance wool’s elastic nature, making garments made with Merino wool more able to conform to the shape of the body they’re on, enhancing the garment’s performance and the wearer’s comfort.
  • Merino wool also naturally protects against the sun's harmful rays, most naturally occuring with a UPF of 30+.