Hair Scrunchies / Linen

Hair Scrunchies / Linen

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If you love your hair … your probably really gentle with it, right? Using special shampoos and conditioners, and brushing it gentle from root to tip. But afterwards, do you use a rubber band or elastic that leaves huge amounts of damage to your hairs shaft?? Join us and #ditchtherubberband. Treat your hair right with our natural fiber scrunchies!

  • As a child of the 1980’s, I was born with a love of scrunchies. Everyday use is certainly written in my books!

  • Available in one traditional “large” size that can stretch from 6” to 16”. Easily wraps around most hair two to three times.

  • We make these in small batches out of the same natural fiber fabrics that we use for our clothing line, guaranteeing that they are not full of chemicals but simply natural and kind on the hair!

  • 100% Linen

  • Easy to wash in the shower and hang dry or toss in the wash with your clothes!

  • Preshrunk.

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