Off White Buffalo Plaid Scarf / 100% Virgin Wool

Off White Buffalo Plaid Scarf / 100% Virgin Wool


These wool fabrics are made of 100% pure virgin wool, or fiber that has not been processed or woven before. The sheep are American-raised and the entire production process, from scouring the wool all the way to the finished fabric, is carried out completely within in the United States and the scarf itself is 100% designed and sewn in Midcoast Maine. Your purchase is contributing to local commerce all while cutting down on the carbon footprint!

  • Classic unisex design

  • 100% wool, slightly scratchy

  • Off white tone to the buffalo plaid, it is not bleached so it’s a very natural white, brighter in some lights and warmer in others.

  • Straight scarf measures 14” wide and 60” long

Care; Machine wash cold, lay flat and stretch to dry, low heat tumble to soften.

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