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goods Made for Life.

Natural, relaxed, versatile & timeless



Indie designed, small batch clothing & home goods made for every season of your life.

Ethically sourced & quality handcrafted in Newcastle, Maine.

44°2'4.6"N 69°34'10.6"W


small batch clothing for the conscious wardrobe.

Wardrobe essentials made to stand the test of time and trends… Items you’ll want, and be able to keep, in your wardrobe for years to come.

Our Clothing line includes wardrobe basics that are truly versatile. Small batch, hand crafted items that take you from day to night, warm to cold weather, and for any occasion.

Our everyday fabrics are bamboo blends, organic cottons and different weights of linen, on occasion you will also find some silk and wool being incorporated.

We aim to design clothing that works with your style and current wardrobe. Simple & versatile items that can mix and match with ease.


reviews from our customers…

Please, bury me in these pants if I haven’t worn them out after living a whole life in them.
— Carole G., Bamboo Fleece Wide Leg Pants
It’s a good thing this cozy fleece tunic holds up like a champ in the wash, because I’m on my third day of washing and wearing again! It’s like wearing an all-day hug. Only more flattering. Best of all? It’s made right here in Maine from natural materials.
Clothes are true to size and I absolutely love the material...these clothes feel so good on your skin. I wish every piece of clothing I owned was made by Amphitrite.
— Crystal L.
I bought a pair of the bamboo fleece leggings and they’re simply amazing. They’re warm, they’re soft, and they’re beautiful. She also fit my little black dress perfectly and it accents my shape. I’m so grateful for quality clothing like Amphitrite.
— Elizabeth G.
I received a lovely package from you today. The shell top and jumpsuit are divine. I am just in LOVE with the jumpsuit. It’s very flattering and I’m going to wear it tomorrow! I’m so thrilled!
— Sherry K.
Love love love the dress! It is so sweet. I can’t wait to build some outfits with it.
— Emily B.
Coming from someone who can’t even sew a button back on a shirt it’s really amazing to me that there’s people out there like you who can design and create an entire outfit ... It’s also so great to be able to talk to the person who’s actually making your clothes! Just know that we really appreciate what you do!
— Kim G.

Goods for a Sustainable HOME life

Small batch provisions made for the sustainable home and all of it's moments.

In a world overwhelmed by products made to break down, wear out or go out style, We aim to go against that trend.

Our line of home goods focuses on natural fiber fabrics that are ‘eco friendly’ for you and your family like linen, organic cotton and other natural fibers.

Long lasting fibers & designs that you will use for years to come. Simple colors and styles made to be functional and versatile.



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