creating quality Products That Are made for life.

Amphitrite Studio is a small, female run business in midcoast maine. Our focus is value-driven design and quality manufacturing. 

In a world where we are overwhelmed by products made to break down, wear out or go out style, we aim to go against that trend. 

We believe many things in life get better with time; it is that spirit we try to put into everything we create.

Whether it is a tee shirt or a pillowcase, we carefully craft each one like it is the only one.

Our aim is to bring you fabrics and designs that stand the test of time and life, whether it is a shirt for your body or a pillow for your home!

We aim for full sustainability everywhere we can in the studio. First and foremost, we design with the lay out on the fabric in mind to minimize waste scraps.

ALL fabric scraps that we are left with are sent to 2 other fellow artisans; one to use in their smaller sewing designs and to another as padding for shipping their fragile goods!

our Focus is on Value, Durability, and a Timeless appeal.

We work with companies that feel the same way we do about fabrics & supplies.

The focus is slow fashion & natural fibers that are sustainable and eco-friendly. 

U.S. sourced fabrics are always the first option, for all the reasons you could think from knowing its origin to supporting our own economy.

Imported fabrics, like European linen, are also often found here at the Studio.

It's not all about what country our fabric is from necessarily, but more about how the fabrics are created and in what conditions.

Our focus is on fabrics and designs that are long lasting. 

A note from the Owner & Seamstress; 

"I've been a “maker” ever since I was a small girl with my mom's art & sewing supplies. Making ‘cool’ and useful things became my greatest joy. I love making things, and especially sewing. I started sewing my own clothing before I hit the double digits in life, from altering my thrift shop finds to making entirely new outfits.

My work is inspired by where I live in Maine, but also from where I was born and raised in the Catskills of NY; nature, comfort, simplicity, beauty, ease and style. I’ve now lived in Maine longer than anywhere else; I thrive on the ocean, mountains and forest.

I find beauty everywhere I look and try to pull that beauty into my fabrics and designs. There is a very laid back way of life in Maine. We appreciate comfort in our lives, but it's refreshing to also have a sense of style intermixed. Everything that I design and dream up is made 100% in Midcoast Maine."

- Katrina Kelley, Seamstress & Owner @ Amphitrite Studio

"How do you say AMphitrite?"  &  "What does it mean?"

Amphitrite is pronounced : ‘am-fih-try-tee’

  • In Greek mythology, she was the Goddess of the Sea... Wife of Poseidon, mother to the mermaids & mermen, sea nymphs, dolphins and seals.

  • Also know by poets as the Goddess of the Golden Spindle, which is in regards to spinning golden fibers and certainly seems fitting.

  • The majestic sea & mother nature is our inspiration here, salty souls from the start!

behind the scenes

2017 Spring / Summer photo shoot & Amphitrite Wedding Gowns Shoots by Jenny of Wylde Photography.